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Welcome to DAYA’s.

Daya’s provides artistic solutions in various media, ranging from apparel to home décor to accessories. It’s a place to be, for the beautiful designs and artistic expressions that are simply practical and usable pieces of everyday art.

Way back in 2013, our first venture ‘Pratikruti’ created

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a place of respect and admiration in people’s heart. Their appreciation and valuable feedback from time to time, instigated a thought. Daya’s was born and officially registered in 2015 with an aim to provide “more value for money” products to people who understand, support and most importantly, appreciate art as a means of everyday expression.

  • Experience & feedback from high profile exhibitions and art displays at ‘Kala Ghoda’ Festival, forced us to work more channelized and motivated.
  • Corporate branding and tie-ups with “The Bombay Store” allowed us to reach out to you further.

Encouraged with these sojourns, prompted us to add more to the portfolio and thus DAYA’s – The designer studio was established.

Genuine art always appreciates in value and

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essay writing service thanks to the loyal patrons and their recommendations. Daya’s as a collection has seen a growing fan following and an ever increasing number of genuine lovers. Today, we are thankful for the support of these patrons which has enabled Daya’s to scale higher summits within India and abroad.

Daya’s is essentially a traveling exhibition cum online shop. If you would like to order any of the items displayed on the site or have any specific requirement, please

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